ACNS 2013
11th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network 
Security, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 25-28, 2013 (Submission due: 
February 1, 2013)

The 11th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network 
Security (ACNS 2013) will be held in Banff, Alberta. The conference 
seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting 
novel research on all aspects of applied cryptography as well as network 
security and privacy. Papers describing novel paradigms, original
directions, or non-traditional perspectives are also encouraged. The 
conference has two tracks: a research track and an industry track. 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

-	Access control
-	Applied cryptography
-	Automated protocols analysis
-	Biometric security and privacy
-	Complex systems security
-	Critical infrastructure protection
-	Cryptographic primitives and protocols
-	Database and system security
-	Data protection
-	Digital rights management
-	Email and web security
-	Identity management
-	Intellectual property protection
-	Internet fraud
-	Intrusion detection and prevention
-	Key management
-	Malware
-	Network security protocols
-	Privacy, anonymity, and untraceability
-	Privacy-enhancing technology
-	Protection for the future Internet
-	Secure mobile agents and mobile code
-	Security in e-commerce
-	Security in P2P systems
-	Security in pervasive/ubiquitous computing
-	Security and privacy in cloud and grid systems
-	Security and privacy in distributed systems
-	Security and privacy in smart grids
-	Security and privacy in wireless networks
-	Security and privacy metrics
-	Trust management
-	Usability and security

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