VizSEC 2005
2nd Workshop on Visualization for Computer Security 
(to be held in conjunction with IEEE Vis2005 and InfoVis2005)
Wednesday October 26th 2005
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Important Dates
Full paper due (up to 8 pages) April 28, 2005 
Paper acceptances announced    June 30, 2005 
Final camera-ready copy due    July 29, 2005 

Networked computers are increasingly ubiquitous, and they are subject to 
attack, misuse, and abuse. Every effort is being made by organizations and 
individuals to build and maintain trustworthy computing systems. The 
traditional, signature-based and statistical methods are limited in their 
capability to cope with the large, evolving data and the dynamic nature of 
Internet. In many applications, visualization proves very effective to 
understand large high-dimensional data. Thus, there is a growing interest 
in the development of visualization methods as alternative or 
complementary solutions to the pressing cyber security problems. Some of 
these solutions were presented at VizSEC 2004 which was held in 
conjunction with ACM Computer and Communication Security Conference. 

Following the success of VizSEC 2004, we bring VizSEC to the Visualization 
2005 Conference. We would like to invite you to join us in this event 
which we believe will foster greater exchange among computer security 
professionals and visualization researchers. Note that this workshop will 
be held on Wednesday immediately following InfoVis 2005. Attendees will 
also be able to attend Vis2005's Keynote Speech and the rest of the main 
conference program.

We solicit papers that report innovative results in solving all aspects of 
cyber security problems with visualization techniques. All submitted 
papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will appear in the 
Visualization 2005 Conference DVD proceedings as well as ACM Digital 
Library (pending). 

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