PSDM 2005
	     Privacy and Security Aspects of Data Mining
Held in Conjunction with 2005 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
		    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
			  November 27, 2005

(Submissions due 12 September, 2005)

The aim of this workshop is to address issues of privacy and security
in data mining, synergize different views of techniques and policies,
and brainstorm future research directions. Although techniques, such
as random perturbation techniques, secure multiparty computation based
approaches, cryptographic-based methods, and database inference
control have been developed, many of the key problems still remain
open in this area.  Especially, new privacy and security issues have
been identified, and the scope of this problem has been expanded. How
does the privacy and security issue affect the design of data mining
algorithm? What impacts will this research impose on diverse areas of
counter-terrorism, distributed computation, and privacy law
legislation? We encourage researchers with interest in the areas of
privacy and security as well as data mining and machine learning to
attend the workshop.    

* Access control techniques and secure data models.  

* Cryptographic tools for privacy preserving data mining 
* Secure learning algorithms for randomized/perturbed data.
* Privacy preserving multi-party data mining.  
* Trust management for data mining.  
* Inference/disclosure related data mining.  
* Privacy protection in E-Commerce.  
* Privacy laws for fraud detection and for protecting personal data,
  medical data, and the public   release of data.
* Secure link analysis and social network analysis.
* Data mining applications for terrorist detection. 
* Privacy enhancement technologies in web environments.
* Privacy guarantees and usability of perturbation and randomization
* Analysis of confidentiality control methods.
* Privacy policy analysis
* Privacy preserving data integration
* Privacy policy infrastructure
* Privacy preserving query systems
* Identify theft protection
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