y CFP: Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection Research Fellowships

The Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)
Research  Fellowships

C a l l    F o r
P r o p o s a l s

Application  Deadlines

Applicants must submit proposals to the host institutions by March 1, 2005

Host Institutions must submit completed application packets to the I3P
by March 15, 2005

For More Information: http://www.thei3p.org/fellowships

The I3P is a national research consortium of universities,
federally-funded labs, and non-profit organizations. The I3P functions as
a virtual national lab, bringing together experts from around the country
to identify pressing problems and develop innovative approaches and
technologies to help protect the U.S. information infrastructure. Through
its Fellowship Program, the I3P seeks to build a nationwide cadre of
investigators focused on important research challenges highlighted by
the I3P Cyber Security Research and Development Agenda. The I3P is
chaired and managed by Dartmouth College. 

		I3P Fellowship Research Areas
Enterprise Security Management
Trust Among Distributed Autonomous Parties
Discovery and Analysis of Security Properties and Vulnerabilities
Secure Systems and Network Response and Recovery
Traceback, Identification and Forensics
Wireless Security
Metrics and Models
Law, Policy and Economic Issues

   This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.