RSA Conference 2005, Cryptographers' Track (CT-RSA '05),
February 14-18, 2005 San Francisco, CA, USA.

Submission deadline: June 1, 2004

Conference web site:

The RSA Conference is the largest, regularly staged computer security
event. The Cryptographers' Track (CT-RSA) is a research conference
within the RSA Conference. CT-RSA 2005 will be the fifth year of the
Cryptographers' Track, which has become an established venue for
presenting practical research results related to cryptography and
data security.

Original research papers pertaining to all aspects of cryptography as
well as tutorials are solicited. Submissions may present theory,
techniques, applications and practical experience on topics including,
but not limited to: fast implementations, secure electronic commerce,
network security and intrusion detection, formal security models,
comparison and assessment, tamper-resistance, certification and
time-stamping, cryptographic data formats and standards, encryption
and signature schemes, public-key infrastructure, protocols,
elliptic-curve cryptography, cryptographic algorithm design and
cryptanalysis, discrete logarithm and factorization techniques,
lattice reduction, and provable security.