(CANS 2005) http://math.fjnu.edu.cn/cans
4th  International  Conference  on CRYPTOLOGY  AND  NETWORK SECURITY
Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, 14-16 December, 2005
(Submission Deadline:  16 June, 2005)

There are very few scientific venues that focus on network security, compared
to the many on computer security or cryptography.  The main goal of this
conference, is to promote research on all aspects of network security. It is
also the goal to build a bridge between research on cryptography and network
security. So, we welcome scientific and academic papers that focus on this
multidisciplinary area.

This will be the first CANS with proceedings published in the Lecture Notes in
Computer Science series by Springer Verlag, and be available at the

Topics of interest:

aspects of network security, e.g.:

-) Denial of Service                  
-) Intrusion Detection                
-) Router Security                                            
-) Spam   
-) Spyware
-) Scanning    
-) WWW Security

network security using cryptography, e.g.:

-) Anonymity and internet voting       
-) Broadcast and Multicast Security    
-) DNS Security                        
-) Firewalls                           
-) Information Hiding                  
-) International Standards             
-) (IP) Spoofing,                      
-) PKI,				
-) Secure E-Mail			
-) Secure protocols, (SSH, SSL, ...)	
-) Security of Ad Hoc Networks	
-) Session Hijacking			
-) Virtual Private Networks		
-) Wireless Security

Papers on cryptology are welcome. Those that make a substantial link with
network security will be given priority. Authors of such papers are encouraged
to explain in a subsection of the introduction the link with network security.
Quality papers on pure cryptology may also be accepted.

For more information, please see: http://math.fj