WiSe 2004 Workshop on Wireless Security
(in conjunction with MobiCom 2004)
Philadelphia, PA, October 1, 2004
(submissions due 14 June 2004)

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers from
research communities in wireless networking, security, applied
cryptography, and dependability; with the goal of fostering
interaction. With the proliferation of wireless networks, issues
related to secure and dependable operation of such networks are
gaining importance. Topics of interest include, but are not limited
  o Trust establishment
  o Key management in wireless/mobile environments
  o Economic incentives for collaboration
  o Security modeling and protocol design in the context of
    rational/malicious adversaries
  o Light-weight cryptography, efficient protocols and implementations
  o Intrusion detection, detection of malicious behaviour
  o Revocation of malicious parties
  o Secure PHY/MAC/routing protocols
  o Secure location determination
  o Denial of service
  o Privacy (location, contents, actions)
  o Anonymity, prevention of traffic analysis
  o Dependable wireless networking
  o Monitoring and surveillance
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