Nordsec2003 Nordic Workshop on Secure IT Systems, Gjovik, University College, Norway, October 15-17, 2003. CFP: Nordic Workshop on Secure IT Systems
The NORDSEC workshops started in 1996 with the aim of bringing
together researchers and practitioners within computer security in the
Nordic countries. The theme of the workshops have been applied
security, i.e., all kinds of security issues that could encourage
interchange and cooperation between the research community and the
industrial/consumer community. Possible topics include, but are not
limited to the following:

   - Privacy and Privacy Enhancing Technologies
   - Wireless Communication Security
   - Inter/Intra/Extranet Security
   - Security Protocol Modelling and Analysis
   - E-and M-Business Security
   - New Firewall Technologies
   - Secure Infrastructures; TTP, PKI, Key Escrow/Recovery
   - Computer Crime and Information Warfare
   - Detecting Attacks, Intrusions and Computer Misuse
   - Smart Card Applications
   - Security Management and Audit
   - Security Evaluations and Measurements
   - Security in Commercial off-the-shelf Products, COTS
   - Operating System Security
   - Security Models
   - New Ideas and Paradigms for Security
   - Security Education and Training
   - Quality of Service or Software Engineering in Relation to Security

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