Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment
                             DIMVA  2004
			    July 6-7, 2004
			  Dortmund, Germany

The special interest group SIDAR (Security - Intrusion Detection and
Response) of the German Informatics Society (GI) engages in the
detection and management of information security incidents. In
cooperation with the IEEE Task Force on Information Assurance, the
German Chapter of the ACM and the University of Dortmund the special
interest group SIDAR organizes a workshop on

Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnarability Assessment
(DIMVA 2004,

taking place 6/7-07-2004 at Dortmund.

The workshop is intended to give an overview of the state of the
technology and practice and brings together the german-speaking
players in industry, services, government and research on the topics
Intrusion Detection, Malicious Agents (Malware) and Vulnarability
Assessment. The presentations aim particularly at results from
research, development and integration, relevant applications, new
technologies and resulting product developments on a conceptual
level. The discussion also embraces legal issues and commercial

The program committee invites the submission of papers in german and
english language. Since the workshop brings together german-speaking
players, the call for papers and the web site are yet available in
german language only (see below).

For further and more recent information visit the web site at:

General chairs:
  Ulrich Flegel, Ulrich.Flegel{at}
  Michael Meier, mm{at}

January 31, 2004